Sunday, September 23, 2018

Mutation (নামজারী) is a formal process which is used to insert the name of the new land owner in the Khatiyan in place of the former owner. It is a mandatory procedure to establish the proprietary rights over the property. Mutation is indispensable to transfer, register or payment of tax. Therefore every new owner should mutate his name in the Khatiyan without wasting time.

To mutate a land, the owner or his duly nominated representative has to apply to the AC (Land) in the prescribed form collected from the AC (Land) office along with the applicable fees.

In the application form the applicant must clearly mention the name and address of the applicant and the transferor, detail description of the land and its surrounding boundary, size, nature and identification of the land, registered deed number and date of such registration.

Moreover, the applicant must support his application by furnishing copy of main deed, via deed, copy of Khatiyan, receipt of payment of ground rent, proof of means to acquire the ownership, that is, partition deed, copy of the decree or judgment obtained from competent court (if any), PP size photograph of the applicant etc.

The applicants can get the required mutation application form (in editable PDF format) by clicking on the following button:

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