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Capsules Supplement to Improve Lactation


DESCRIPTION Stress is thought to be the main cause or major contributing cause of 75% of all human Illness, although many experts now estimate it to be as high as 90%. As per Dr. Barbara Brown a pioneer in the field of biofeedback, human emotional and physical distress are caused, triggered, or aggravated by 'the stress nit life". Physiological & emotional disturbances leads to decreased oxytocin secretion, which causes oligoglactia.

Less appetite causes insufficient milk secretion. Malnutrition has indirect effect on diminished lactation. Looking to the importance and advantages of breast feeding to baby, mother, society & nation and keeping in mind the causes of oligogalactia, it becomes essential to search a formulation which counteract the above mentioned causes of oligogalctia & has a long term effects on health of baby and mother and yet completely safe non-toxic on prolonged administration for its vulnerable consumer passing through a very delicate phase of life. It may be mentioned here that more allopathic drugs are compulsorily studied for their ability to secret during lactation and their possible effect on baby and hence the Importance of above requirement cannot be Ignored. Lactogin Capsules are a suitable answer to all the above queries.

Lactogin Capsules

Lactogin Capsules


Each capsule contains extract dedved from:
  • Vidarikand (Pueraria tuberose) 250 mg
  • Shatavari (Asparagus racemosus) 150 mg
  • Jivanti churna (Leptadenia reticulata) 150 mg
  • Ashwagandha (Withania somnifera) 100 mg
  • Methi seeds (Trigonella foenum graecum) 100 mg
  • Lasun (Album sativum) 50 mg
  • Dudhi churna (Euphorbia hirta) 50 mg


Brilliant blue & Quinoline yellow.


Action of Lactogin Capsules in overcoming the oligogalactia is multifold. Ingredients of Lactogin Capsules have protect, increasing effect, oxytocic, tranquilizing, appetite stimulating and other effects. Prolactin, a pituitary hormone, is essential for initiation and maintenance of lactation. It binds to specific receptors and promotes proliferation and subsequent differentiation of mammary ductal and alveolar epithelium moulting in induction of synthesis of milk proteins (casein) and enzymes necessary for lactose synthesis (lactose synthetase). It also helps to maintain lactation in response to the sucking of breasts by infants.


Oestrogens promotes the synthesis and release of Prolactin by exerting a direct stimulatory effect on the lactotropes of the anterior pituitary' apparently can also antagonize the inhibitory action of dopamine at the pituitary Thus, the presence of oestrogenic constituents/effect could explian the reputed galactogenic effects of R tuberose whose oestrogenic constituent include isoflavones, daidzein etc. A. sativum is also reported to have oestrogenic effect.


The hormone oxytocin is important as stimulator of uterine smooth muscle contraction in late labour and in haemostasis following delivery. It is also responsible for causing milk ejection by inducing contractions of myoepithelial cells and of duct smooth muscles in the breast. T. foenum graecum, a reputed galactogogue, " is also reported to be useful In obstetrics' for protracted labour, promoting placental expulsion and for decreasing post partum bleeding or less clearly for difficult deliveries and for facilitating delivery. Therefore, its mechanisms of action can be explained on the basis of oxytocic effect. I foenum graecum might have ocytocic like action on the uterus. It may also have a similar action on the breasts i.e. its galactogenic effect may in fact be one of promoting milk ejection ratherthen milk production.


Psychological and emotional factors such as stress, tension, tear, anger and anxiety can have an inhibitory effect on lactation, specifically on the milk ejection reflex. W somnifera is reported to have antiolytic effect due to its dopamine depleting action  as well as anti stress activity. Thus, W Somnifera shows its galactogenic action by exerting a calming effect on lactating women enabling the milk to flow more easily. Moreover, its dopamine depleting effect results in elevation of prolactin levels.


The volume and composition of breast milk can be improved by stimulating her appetite. A. sativum is reported to be a gastric stimulant that improves appetfte16. Thus, by increasing the appetite indirectly, the quality and quantity of mother's milk can be increased.


The galactogenic effect of A. sativum is also because of its ability to impart favourable sensory qualities (garlicky odour and taste) to the mother's milk to which the infants respond by suckling more vigorously" L reticulate and A. lacemosus are reported to increase average milk yield ""


"Supplement to improve quality and quantity of milk during lactation, improves Immunity of mother and child and promotes natural family planning".
No side effects, if taken within dose limit.


Do not exceed the stated dose.


Not seen in studied subjects.


1 to 2 capsules two times a day or as directed by Physician.


Store in a cool and dry place, away from direct light. Do not refrigerate.

Unit Price

BDT 20 x 30 Capsules = BDT 600.00

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